My mother, Betty, took pride in raising us right. She also worked hard for many years for the Boston School Committee. She later went on to work for Filenes’s retail store, but I know that she only worked there for the discount!

She taught me how to be a good son, brother, friend, but mostly a great father. She used to call me Mister Mom because of the amount of time and attention I put into raising Daniel Jr. I learned it all from her. She was the most amazing baker. She would make birthday cakes for every kid in the neighborhood. Everyone got their favorite cookies, pies, and cakes come Christmas time. We have all carried on her baking traditions and taught our own children.

It is now my mission to make sure her legacy lives on – for me, my children, my family, her friends and all the people who ever got to meet her. She was the most incredible person, and I was lucky enough to be able to call her “Mom.”

In her honor, I want to do all I can to help with the fight against breast cancer. All proceeds will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ( I have done charity work with them in the past, and their work is unprecedented. My hope is that this is a life-long mission we all can share. One final thought…

Remember Betty…

In that tradition do we continue to work tirelessly today to ensure that the world moves in the right direction where this problem is concerned. We try our best to find contacts that are at the forefront of this field. We try to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and funding of like minded people who are not only interested in finding the answer but are qualified to do so as well. If there is to be a solution to the problem at hand then we ourselves, as human beings, are going to have to make the push to find it. There is nothing more pressing than this when you think about the number of men losing their partners or the number of children left without mother or answers after both have been violently ripped from their life. We can no longer stand for this to continue without remembering those we’ve lost and taking action in their honor. It is the most vital of roles one can take, to defend one who is defenseless. Many of these women will leave loved ones behind when they are gone. Some of these loved ones will by all means be defenseless young children. We can avert that through good science, public awareness, early detection and fast response to threats.  It’s that easy!

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