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(from Danny Wood’s original 2005 “Training Journal” page on

October 13th
Race for the Cure. In Miami. This event inspired me to start a foundation in my mother’s name. After seeing all of the survivors and running the 3.1 mile course, I decide to start training for the Miami Marathon (26.2 miles) on January 29th, 2006.

Week 1
Monday- Ran 5 miles on track at Flamingo Park in 34:26
Tuesday- Ran 5 miles on the track in 33:22
Wednesday- Ran 5 miles on the track 32:08
Thursday- Off day
Friday- Ran 8 miles course 1:20:08. Felt very fatigued when I hit the 7th mile. The outside of both my knees hurt.
Saturday- off day

Week 2
Sunday-hurricane, unable to run anywhere, no power for the treadmill, debris everywhere.
Monday-hurricane/ I lifted weights.
Tuesday-hurricane/ I lifted weights.
Friday- I venture out to run. 8.5 mile course. 1:28:02. Felt horrible.
Saturday- lift weights only.

Week 3
Sunday- 8 mile course. 1:16:57. Felt good, except my knees hurt.
Monday- speed work at Flamingo Park on track. 2.5 miles.
Tuesday- 10 miles course. 1:50:00. Felt really bad. Had to walk a few times. Knees and shoulder blade killing me.
Wednesday- weights only.
Thursday- speed training on track. 2.5 miles
Friday- 10 mile course. Felt better. 1:39:30
Saturday- weights only.

Week 4
Sunday- 11 mile course. Felt goof till the last mile and a half. 1:49:30
Monday- Off day.
Tuesday- 12 mile course. Should have waited one more day for another long run. Knees felt terrible. Had to walk several times. 2:03:12
Wednesday- Boxing
Thursday- speed work at the track. 2 miles
Friday- 12.5 mile course. Felt better. Knees still in pain. 1:58:11
Saturday- weights only

Week 5
Sunday- Off day.

Monday- 10 mile course. 1:38:22. Knees felt terrible. I went to a massage therapist and found out I have I.T. band syndrome. It is the tendon that connects your hip to your knee. This can be caused by increasing g mileage to fast and not stretching properly.
Tuesday- Off day.
Wednesday- 13.1 mile course. 2:10:10. Half marathon. My knees hurt. I ice them after. I fall asleep on the couch. I go to get up and fall flat on my face. I could not feel m y legs from the ice. I sprained my ankle. Major set back. I will have to stop training for a few weeks. I feel like a jackass. If my ankle doesn’t heal fast enough, I don’t know if I will be able to train properly for the marathon.
Thursday- ankle looks uglier.
Friday- ankle worse.
Saturday- weights only.

Week 6
Sunday- weights only/ankle still looks bad.
Monday- hour of rehab on my ankle.
Tuesday- 30 minute run in pool.
Wednesday- 45 minute run in the pool.
Thursday- weights only.
Friday- hour rehab on my ankle/one hour run in pool.
Saturday-Off Day.

Week 7
Sunday- weights only.
Monday- 30 min run in pool.
Tuesday- Off day.
Wednesday- 1 hour rehab on ankle.
Thursday- Off day.
Friday- I hour rehab on ankle.
Saturday- Off day.

Week 8
Sunday- 1 hour run in pool.
Monday- Off day.
Tuesday- 1 hour rehab on ankle.
Wednesday- Off day.
Thursday- ran for the first time on treadmill. 20 minutes.
Friday- ran outside for first time. I.T. band hurt/ankle felt fine. 3.1 miles. 30:08.
Saturday- weights only.

Week  9
Sunday- ran 4 miles outside. Ankle good/knees feeling better. 38:30.
Monday- Off day.
Tuesday- weights only.
Wednesday- 5 miles; 47:20. Ankle felt good/knees had slight discomfort.
Thursday- ran 6 miles; 59:21. Didn’t sleep last night. Knees hurt. I need to stretch more.
Friday- weights only.
Saturday- Treadmill; 3 miles.

Week 10
Sunday- Christmas.
Monday- I had a little set back with my ankle. One of my daughters slid into it on her rollerskate/sneakers, they are called heelies.
Tuesday- treadmill; 3 miles.
Wednesday- treadmill: 3 miles.
Thursday- 6.2 mile course outside; 57:58. There is still hope I can complete the marathon.
Friday- I did the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. I also lifted weights.
Saturday- 8.2 mile course; 1:18:59. Slight knee pain.

Week 11
Sunday- 10 mile course; 1:38:00. Felt ok. Didn’t sleep well last night.
Monday- Off Day.
Tuesday- Elliptical machine for 25 minutes. I also did weights.
Wednesday- Felt good. 11.2 miles course; 1:47:05. Still need to sleep better.
Thursday- Off day.
Friday- 13.5 mile course; 2:08:30. Felt good.
Saturday- weights only.

Week 12
Sunday- treadmill: 3miles.
Monday- Off day.
Tuesday- ran on the beach. 8 miles; 1:20:45.
Wednesday- Off day.
Thursday- 5 mile course; 48:22.
Friday- Off day. Ankle sore.
Saturday- weights only

Week 13
Sunday- 16 mile course. Felt great. 2:28:12.
Monday- Off day.
Tuesday- weights only.
Wednesday- 8 miles course; 1:15:12. I wanted to run 18 miles, but it rained and got very windy. It was like a hurricane outside.
Thursday- weights only.
Friday- 18 mile course; 2:45:12. Felt great until 14 mile, struggled the rest of the way. I think I am ready for the marathon.
Saturday- Off day.

Week 14
Monday- 4 mile course; 33:20. It’s getting closer.
Tuesday- 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and weights.
Wednesday- 6.2 mile course; 53:45.
Thursday- 2.5 miles on the treadmill; 20 minutes and weights.
Friday- 3 mile course; 24:30.
Saturday- Off day.

Week 15
Sunday- Off Day
Monday- 4 mile course; 33:20. It’s getting closer.
Tuesday- 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and weights.
Wednesday- 6.2 mile course; 53:45.
Thursday- 2.5 miles on the treadmill; 20 minutes and weights.
Friday- 3 mile course; 24:30.
Saturday- Off day.
Sunday- January 29th,2006-Miami Marathon.

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