Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer occurs in the tissues of the breast, and there are two main types of the disease:

* Ductal carcinoma begins in the ducts that move milk from the breast to the nipple. This is the most common type of breast cancers.

* Lobular carcinoma begins in the lobules, the parts of the breast that produce milk.

In rarer cases, some breast cancers can originate in other areas of the breast.


As cancer grows, there are symptoms that may occur, such as :

* A breast lump (or sometimes a lump in the armpit) that’s hard, with uneven edges. These lumps usually don’t hurt.

* A change in the shape, size, or feel of the breast or nipple. Could be in the form of redness, dimpling or puckering that looks similar to the skin of an orange.

* Fluid from the nipple area – could be bloody, clear to yellow / green and pus like.

As mentioned, men can get breast cancer, too. Their symptoms include breast lumps, breast pain, and breast tenderness.

In advanced stages of breast cancer, symptoms may include:

* Bone or breast pain / discomfort

* The appearance of skin ulcers

* The swelling of arm(s) (next to the breast(s) with cancer)

* Weight loss

Know that there are certain breast cancer risk factors that you should be aware of – and knowledge of these risk factors is a preventive measure in and of itself.

If you happen to have any of the breast cancer symptoms noted above, please contact your health care provider and make an appointment as soon as possible. Remember – the earlier that breast cancer is discovered, the greater the chances of surviving the disease.


The real world fact is that if you have some┬áthese symptoms you are likely to put off visiting the doctor. This is not advisable. Please rethink this position for it is irrational. I would not advise it in any way shape or form. Please understand, we understand people can have hectic lifestyles. We know that people are way more busy now than at any other time in human history but if you want a future you should visit the Doctor whenever you have any of the afore mentioned symptoms or signs. Even if you have any type of question about possibly having one of these symptoms please see your Doctor immediately. We jut can’t even stress it enough, the faster you start treatment the better chance you have of living through this ordeal. Human nature is brought into question here because many people naturally have a wait and see attitude but again, this is not an acceptable attitude for this particular situation. Please do not wait ad see, go see a Doctor.

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